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Summer is coming. School will be out soon. Do you have a plan?

While children and teachers everywhere are cheering the end of another school year, many parents are starting to hear “shark music”. What is shark music you ask? Shark music is that ominous feeling of anxiety and uneasiness that comes over us as each moment, hour, day, situation (etc.) draws us closer to something we dread.

Instead of fun in the sun, for parents of children who struggle with challenging behaviors, the goal of summer is to try to keep tantrums, meltdowns, and battles at bay as much as possible until school finally starts again.

If this sounds like you… there is hope.

Join us this Tuesday night May 28 for “Living Beyond the Hard Places Parenting Support Group”. We meet from 6-8 pm in the conference room at BS Design 1914 S. Walton Blvd in Bentonville (across from Garden City Nursery.

See you there…. Joetta

Joetta Schork