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For years I’ve embarked on a long journey of trying to “fix”my child, and in that cumbersome process, I’ve spent a lot of money reading books and seeing a wide range of professionals, all of which have left me hanging and gotten me nowhere. And then, when all my hopes of desperately finding help were literally gone, along came Beyond Hard Places and that has clearly made me see and feel, for the first time in years, that there is a “light at the end of the tunnel” and that I need to search no further as I truly believe I’m, finally, on the right path to reach my destination: moving beyond hard places!!! Even though I’m a long way from changing my child, this course is, already, changing me for the better and having such a major, positive impact on my life and on the way I look at, interact with, and respond to my daughter. - L.B.


Seven years ago I was in a dark place and felt I had no hope. My son, whom we adopted at 19 months, had been home for five years and those five years had been the hardest of my life. From the first time I held him, my son was physically aggressive towards me. This continued for years. His behavior consisted of fits of rage, physically harming me, disrespect, defiance, and constant opposition. I had been spit on, punched, kicked, head butted, urinated on, and scratched till I bled. He destroyed furniture, threw rocks, and kicked at the windows as we drove in the car. These rages sometimes lasted for hours, often destroying property and hurting others. I felt disconnected and isolated. On two occasions I determined that my family might be better off if I were dead. When I first heard about Beyond Hard Places, I was desperate and willing to try anything that would “fix” my son and change his behavior. What I gained was so much more than that. I gained an understanding of my son, how his brain worked and what his behavior was trying to communicate. I learned ways to connect with him and meet his true needs rather than just trying to stop his behavior. I also learned that MY behavior needed to change in order to provide an environment where he could grow and flourish. It didn’t happen instantly overnight, but change did happen. My son is a teenager now and an absolute joy to be around. No more rages, physical aggression or violence. He is no longer oppositional but is now helpful, loving, and kind. I am grateful for all that we learned from Forever Families Foundation. I went from having no hope to wanting to share all that I’ve learned with every family who struggles with challenging behaviors. There is hope and change is possible. It’s not easy, but it is so worth it. - C.R.


Our son was diagnosed with autism and ADHD in 2013. We were scrambling to get things in order and understand a journey on the autism spectrum. We worked with all the professionals we could find (Physicians, OT, PT, Speech, Autism support group, schools and insurances) to accommodate him and his abilities. Yet even with all the things we were doing to ensure we had a smooth journey, we still felt lost. Lost in translation when it came to actually communicating with our son, lost in a sea of medical jargon, lost in a community of parents and other children who were all at different stages of their journey, lost on the spectrum. When we found about the services offered from Forever Families Foundation through their Beyond Hard Places course, I jumped at the chance to be a part of it the classes they provided. I was thirsting for knowledge that would help us understand our son more and what he was going through. The information from Forever Families Foundation has proven to be some of the most invaluable information/knowledge we gained on our journey. We gained a better understanding of things other programs don’t really talk about, for example, how the brain works for a child on the spectrum or a child who has gone through traumatic experiences. They gave excellent tips on how to help our son through meltdowns, and how to help prevent them, as well as how to connect, correct and truly communicate. This class empowers you with a patience most of us don’t even know we have. The language and breakdown of each section was phenomenal and taught in a setting that didn’t make you feel like you were in a mass of people wading through tons of information with no guidance. It helped us understand autism in a way we would never have understood without Forever Families Foundation. While Forever Families Foundation can’t rid your life of all of the struggles parents and children face, it helps give you an amazing toolbox full of knowledge and guidance. Forever Families Foundation has been such a blessing to our family and we know that is has done and will continue to do the same for other families. - R.H.


In 2016, we were looking for answers to deal with our adopted daughter’s behavior issues. At that time we were desperate for help. We had tried everything we knew to do. We had been to a number of counselors and therapists with no results. We were dealing with behaviors ranging from compulsive lying to food holding to extreme laziness to violent rages. We were on the verge of looking for residential treatment centers to send her to when we discovered Forever Families Foundation was training parents to deal with just such issues. As we went through the Beyond Hard places classes we learned some incredible facts about how trauma affects the brain development of children. This allowed us to begin to understand how our daughter’s mind worked. We learned practical ways to deal with her behaviors. Mostly, the training helped us to understand that many times the behaviors were not from an attitude of defiance, but from fear. Once we understood this, it changed our view of the behaviors and how we responded to it. We were able to break through the fear to reach our daughter on a different level. We began to see changes in her almost immediately. It has been about 2 years since we began making these changes, and we’ve had many ups and downs, however, the overall trajectory of our family has drastically changed for the better. Forever Families Foundations has gone well above the call in order to help us and many other families. They have been incredible encouragers in tough moments and are not afraid to use the ugly truths from their own experiences to help show others that there can be hope and healing. We will be forever grateful for all they have and continue to do in our lives. - The P. Family

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